Phillustration 13 Accepted Pieces

Below is a list of the accepted pieces for Phillustration 13 you can view the online gallery by clicking here!

Lou Baker Sitting Nude
Carrie Barcomb Walrus Dreams
Tegan Bellitta Pure Evil
Susan Benigni-Landis Window With Sad Ornament
Susan Benigni-Landis Back Book Cover, Goodbye Yellow House
Susan Benigni-Landis Book Cover, Goodbye Yellow House
Dylan Bolden Corvidae
David Brinley Billie Eilish 2022
Corinne Bush Untitled
Emily Coscia Big Splash
Spector Dori choice2
Gabriella Ellis Ablution
Daniel Fione Pandora’s Box
Daniel Fione Christmas Eve In Harleysville
Nancy herman Light in the Windo
Nancy herman Table for One
Nancy herman Merion Station in the Rain
Genna Hord Checkmate
Genna Hord Checkmate
Kaila Jansen Marine Observer
Kaila Jansen The Skate Park
Kaila Jansen Portrait of the Sitter Underwater
Rachel Kilbury The Pond Maiden
Jessica Libor The White Deer
Jessica Libor Inner Realms
Jessica Libor The Shepherdess
Asa Littlefield Ophelia Rises
Henrieta Maneva London County Hall
Kathryn Maxwell Creek Serpent
Abby McGrath Hydrangea Cottage
Abby McGrath Snowdrop & Robin
Abby McGrath Winter Concert
Kaylie Minzola Evil Bunny
Kaylie Minzola Elvis and Fenny
Fatima Montero First Unitarian Church Poster
Fatima Montero The He-Goat and the Wolf
phoebe moore graves/gardens
Tim Ogline We Survived the Holocaust – p. 41
Tim Ogline We Survived the Holocaust graphic novel – p. 44
Tim Ogline We Survived the Holocaust graphic novel – p42
Marisa Rother Autumn Memories
Marisa Rother The Raven
Marisa Rother Maine Summer
Jane Rovins Joeys Wedding
Jane Rovins I Will Wait in the Lobby
Jane Rovins Which Comes First
Josephine Rowley City Living
Perry Santulli Seeds
Perry Santulli Head 2 Head
michael sikorski urutoraman no haha (mother of ultra)
michael sikorski urutoraman sebun (ultraman seven)
michael sikorski urutoraman jakku (ultraman jack)
Lauren Smith I’ll Tell You Everything
Melanie Snodgrass Confidence
Melanie Snodgrass Ocean of Dreams
isabelle staub Cowgirl
Jen Tracy Tall Library Ghost
Jen Tracy Classic Library Ghost
Kasey Uhter Liberty
Kasey Uhter I’m Alive
Stephanie Weinger Natural Science
Stephanie Weinger Horseshoe Crabs
Scott Woyak One
Albert Yetter Sunburned Day after the Beach
Ulana Zahajkewycz Torte Tussle
David Zeggert Catwoman
David Zeggert Jagger