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Dear PSC Members:

The next shows for which we need volunteers are:

2018 PHOTOgraphy Exhibition – Sign Up Here

2018 Workshop Show – Sign Up Here

2018 155th Small Oils Exhibition – Sign Up Here


The link will show you the dates for which you can register your name as a volunteer. You can just type your name and contact info (phone or email) in the space provided.

Previous show volunteers:

2018 Art of the Flower Exhibition – Sign Up Here

2018 Annual High School Art Show & Art Teachers’ Exhibition – Sign Up Here

2018 Works on Paper Exhibition – Sign Up Here

2017 Legacy Holiday Art Show & Sale – Sign Up Here

2017 Annual Phillustration Show –  Sign Up Here

2017 Annual Member Art Show –  Sign Up Here

2017 Emerging Artists Show –  Sign Up Here

2017 Absolutely Abstract Show Volunteers: Sign up Here

2017 Photography Show Volunteers: Sign up Here

2017 Small Oil Show Volunteers: Sign up Here

2017 Art of the Flower Volunteers: Sign up Here

2017 PSC High School Show Volunteers: Sign Here

2017 PSC Works on Paper Volunteers – Sign Up Here

See a complete list of all PSC Key Circle Members here: psc-2016-key-circle-list


Further Volunteer Opportunities

Become a show co-chair and then after a few runs, become a show chair (contact Michelle Lockamy, PSC Exhibition Coordinator, exhibitions@sketchclub.org).

You can also join various existing PSC committees, such as:

  • Development Committee – Manages donors and donations and annual galas to benefit the PSC (Bill Patterson bpatterson2045@comcast.net)
  • Entertainment Committee – Manages dinner talks, facility rental for events, etc. (Chair is OPEN)
  • Exhibition Committee – Coordinates all PSC exhibitions (Michelle Lockamy, PSC Exhibition Coordinator, exhibitions@sketchclub.org)
  • Membership Committee – Manages membership and handles member benefits issues (Ken Weiner – note2kenweiner@verizon.net)
  • IT Committee – Manages IT, Web and databases at the PSC (Ken Weiner – note2kenweiner@verizon.net)
  • House Committee – Handles all PSC building issues (Charles Tarr charlesftarr@comcast.net)
  • Archive Committee – Manages our large archive collection (Bill Patterson bpatterson2045@comcast.net)
  • Volunteer Committee – Arranges and manages PSC volunteers (Jacqueline Barnett, PSC Volunteer Chair, jbarnett12@verizon.net)
  • Garden Committee – Manages changes and arrangement in the garden (Francis Carter, carter2229@aol.com)
  • Publicity Committee – Manages show and events publicity for the club. (Chair is Chuck Hilpl, oilpaintings@chuckhilpl.com )

As a member, you can request to be part of any of these committees.
Please contact the committee chair to request becoming a member. These committees are places for you to suggest your new ideas or modify existing ones and get them implemented.

Thanks for volunteering!

Jacqueline Barnett

Volunteer Committee Chair


PSC is America’s oldest club for artists. Since 1860 the PSC has served as a meeting place, forum for ideas, and a vital bridge between the creators and supporters of contemporary art. Past luminaries have included such American masters as Eakins and Anshutz. Present luminaries could include you.