Art Collection

The Art Collection of the Philadelphia Sketch Club is a unique collection of works created by members throughout the long history of America’s oldest artists club. The keystone of the collection is a series of forty-four portraits of members painted by Thomas P. Anshutz. These portraits hang as a frieze in the Club’s library. Another group of member portraits from the 1930s by William T. Thomson are hung in the entrance hall. Two early works dated 1862 by George and Edmund Bensell, two of the six founders, show the production from the early sketching sessions. Printmakers have long been an important part of the Club and its collection includes works by Benton Spruance, Earl Horter, Robert Riggs, Joseph Pennell, Peter Moran and Stephen J. Ferris.

The collection also includes over 125 etchings by members of the Philadelphia Society of Etchers. Sculpture, stained glass, ceramics, bronze plaques, medals and metal work by various members add to the diversity of the collection. Other notable artists represented in the collection include Charles Grafly, Henry R. Poore, Henry C. Pitz, Herbert Pullinger, Wayman Adams, Fred Wagner, Walter Baum, John Geiszel, Frank English, R. Tait McKenzie, Adam Pietz, Hugh Hutton and Hugh Breckenridge.

It is the intention of the Philadelphia Sketch Club to add images of a majority of the items in its permanent collection to its website. In some cases these images will be grouped to reflect works by a particular artist, a group of artists working together or items that were donated from the same source.

Works of art from the collection are available for loan to other art institutions for specific short-term exhibitions.