Art of the Flower 2022 Accepted

first_name last_name title dimensions material price
Tina Armando Pink Lady at Sunset 8×10 inches Ink on Paper (Woodcut Monoprint) $250
Sherman Aronson Flowers Vase Fallbrook 9.5in x 7.25in Digital Print on Glass Panel $175.00
Sherman Aronson Geranium Flower 14in x 18in Digital print paper 8×11 $200.00
David Berger One Iris 10×12 in. oil on canvas $300
Louis Boyang Petals in The Breeze 24inx28in Quill Pen and Ink $2,500
Jordan Brady ‘David’ 10×11 Sterling silver, 14k Gold, Copper, Shibuichi $850.00
Ed Bronstein Still Life With Pear ww+ 8 1/2in and HH= 10 1/2 oil on panel 300
Ed Bronstein Still Life With Orange ww=12ftft and HH= 9in oil on Panel 370
Lisa BurgerLentz Haven for Bees 10inx10in Oil $400
Maryanne Buschini Franklinia 25 x 25 oil on canvas 2000
Ellen Carver A Flower is a Flower is a Flower 36in x 36in Handmade Paper, Acrylic Paint on Canvas $1,000
Larry Chestnut Mums At The Garden Shop 38×26 oil on canvas $875.00
Larry Chestnut FloweredVase 20×24 oil on canvas $400.00
Alice Chung Iris 13×13 Acrylic $400
Kara Coleman White Spring 9in x 9in Framed oil on canvas panel $275
Jim Conner Spring Bloom 24 x 18 Archival Pigment Print $960
Barbara Dirnbach Bouquet #3 18 X 24 Acrylic on canvas $450
Lisa Domenic Pink 9 X 12 Watercolor $250
Lisa Domenic Branch and Bloom 9 X 12 Watercolor $250
Michael Donovan From Concrete 21×17 Giclee print on Platine Rag paper framed by artist using conservation grade materials. $500
Michael Donovan From Concrete 21×17 Giclee print on Photographique matte paper framed by artist using conservation grade materials. $800
Laura Ducceschi Foxglove 18 x 24 fine art photography, archival print $595.00
Laura Ducceschi Passion Flowers Floating 24 x 18 fine art photography archival print $595.00
Brittany Duguay chrysanthemum 23in x 16in framed oil on gessoed paper $1,200
Brittany Duguay hydrangea nikko blue 36in x 36in oil on canvas $7,000
Janine Dunn Wade Alstroemerias 10×10 Oil on Linen on Board $800.00
Janine Dunn Wade Persimmon 10×10 Oil on linen on Board $925.00
Renee Egan Moving into Spring 26inX20in oil on canvas $1,200.00
Renee Egan Hibiscus Glory 24inX12in oil on box canvas $800.00
diane emerson Spring Gathering 20in X16in Epson Ultra Premium archival paper $200
diane emerson Dancing Above the Crowd 18in X 18in Epson Ultra Premium archival paper $190
Liz Finley White Roses 20 x 20” Wrapped canvas 800
Liz Finley Two Coral Roses 20 x 20 Oil on wrapped canvas 800
Patricia Flaherty Loving You Was Res 12×15 Oil on canvas $250
Christopher Fowler From the Lanai 16in W x 21in H (including frame) archival inks and paper $159.00
Christopher Fowler Rhododendron 14in W x 17in H (including frame) archival inks and paper $149.00
Joanne Funkhouser Peony garden 8 x 10 in Oil on aluminum $75
Annarita Gentile Dahlia #3 26inX22in Photography: digital $600.00
Annarita Gentile Secret Garden 37inx26in Photography:digital $800.00
Caroline Goodman For Love of Fruit and Flowers 18”x 22” Oil on board $2,500
Caroline Goodman Time Marches On 18”x22” Oil on Panel $4,000
Laurel Grady Violets and the City 8in wide x 10in high oil on canvas $250
Laurel Grady Rose in the Dining Car 8in wide x 10in high oil on canvas $250
Carla Graifer Queen Lime Orange Zinnia 16inx20in Watercolor on cold pressed paper $450
Gary Grissom Mugunghwa, Palumbo Park 24 oil on wood $500
Gary Grissom Sunjeon, Windowsill Flowers 36in x 18in oil on panel $700
Patricia Gunter Iris Indepth 18in x 24in Digital photographic print $300
Patricia Gunter Hybrid Tulip 18in x 24in Digital photographic print $300
Denise Haag IRIS 30in x 40in Acrylic paint, palette knife, canvas 950
Jennifer Hallgren Allium at Longwood Gardens III 40in X 30in Oil on canvas $3,000.00
Jennifer Hallgren Bouquet XXVIII 30in X 30in Oil on canvas $2,700.00
Lisa Hannum Tiger Lilies 18inx24in Watercolor and Gouache $500.00
Lisa Hannum Nasturtiums 18inx24in Watercolor and Gouache $500.00
mary hochendoner Hot House (Hibiscus El Capitolio) 31.5 x 41.5 oil oncanvas $3,000
David Hucker Resting 20 x 20 Framed, Matted Glossy Photo $280
David Hucker Greeting the Spring 22 x 22 Framed, Matted Glossy Photo $320
Judith McCabe Jarvis Ode to Ukraine (Sundlower) 20 by 30 Oil $2,400.00
Judith McCabe Jarvis Wildflowers 20×16   $775.00
Rita Klinger Nocturne 13.5in x 10.5in Monotype $150.00
Mary Klunk Giverny Visited 12in x 16in Acrylic $650.00
Mary Klunk Interior Spring 12in x 9in Acrylic $500.00
Tom Kohlmann garden greens 22 x 28 oil on board 600$
Tom Kohlmann yuki’s roses 11 x 14 oil on board 3,000$
LIDIA KOHUTIAK Anemonies #2 11 x 14 oil on canvas $785.00
Mark Krull Poway Hummingbird 5 x 7 Digital photography with matte $200
Maria Kurtzman Purple and Green 6in X 8in oil on board $600
Maria Kurtzman Strawflowers in Glass 10in X 10in oil on board $1,000
Jessica Libor Spring Magnolias 10in x `12in oil on canvas $375
Joseph Marano For Mae 22x26x3 Photographic Print $850.00
Barbara Martin By the Kitchen Door 16in X 20in Acrylic and watercolor on paper $300
Diane Martin Lotus 1 24X36 Chinese ink and color on rice paper $550.00
Diane Martin Lotus 2 24X36 Chinese ink and color on rice paper $550.00
Anita McDonnell Sunlight on the Game Table 16×20 Oil on canvas $475
Anita McDonnell Leaning into Sunshine 20×16 Oil on canvas $475
Rodney Miller Foggy Morning Light 20ftW X 24ftH Digital Photograph on cold press paper $200.00
Rodney Miller Bathing in Radiance 20Win X 24in Digital Photograph on cold press paper $200.00
Joyce Millman Geraniums Plus 8inx8in oil on Panel $500
Gary Mulnix Lily of the Valley 5 x 8in bronze $990
Gary Mulnix Buffalo Bur 9 x 7in bronze $1,140
Sarah Watkins Nathan Yesterday 11×14 Photography, 2021 $100
Daria Nawrocki Golden Beauty 24inX18in oil on canvas $750
Daria Nawrocki Sweet Lily 12×12 oil on canvas $300
Joseph Opshinsky Flower Bed Cat 18×24 Cut Paper Collage $850
Doris Peltzman No Boundries 20 inches by 26 inches Oils on yupo $1,500.00
Doris Peltzman To Life 40 inches by 40 inches Oils on shellached birch $2,000.00
Elvira Peretsman Burst Of Sunshine 25×19 Framed Photograph printed on Luster paper $200
Robert Porter Wisteria 12in x 18in photograph, digital print $150
Sabine Rehm Bigleaf Magnolia 33inx18in Oil on canvas $600.00
Sabine Rehm Hydrangea Blue Bunny 27inx19in Photography $150.00
Robert Reinhardt Exotic Blooms 10in x 10in x1.5in Mono-print Collage 350
Sergio Resendiz Flowers on table. 8×10 Oil on Gessobord $360
Deborah Riccardi Roses in Pale Blue Vase 22inx28in oil on canvas 750
Cindy Ruenes Misty Floral 12inx12in Oil on Linen Panel $250.00
Cindy Ruenes Roses and Hydrangeas 17inx17in Oil on Canvas $525.00
Rona Satten Winter’s Way 16×12 ink on etched zinc $2,200
Rona Satten Another Way 12×10 ink on etched zinc, hardware $850
Kristal Serna Sunflowers 20in x 16in Watercolor on Paper $250
DJ Siravo Good Morning Sunshine 14 x 11 Photography $200.00
Patricia Smith Indian Lotus 16 x 20 Lustre photographic Print $300
Keith Spaar Santa Barbara Lily HH 12in x WW 12in Acrylic on Canvas $300
Keith Spaar Hydrangea Finger Painting HH 24in x WW 24in Acrylic on wood $750
Pia St. Onge Sera I 16 x 9 inches Ink on Paper $125
Pia St. Onge Leila IV 11 x 14 inches Ink on paper $215
Rose Marie Strippoli Brilliant HH 23 x WW 29 Acrylic $1,100.00
Elissa Sunshine Spring Bouquet 42 X 29 Charcoal on Paper $2,000.00
Elissa Sunshine Lost Bouquet 42 X 29 Charcoal on Paper $2,500.00
Christine Walinski Blooming on Dark Days 24in X 32in Acrylic, pencil and oil stick on paper $500.00
Christine Walinski The Last Poppy 16in X 12.5in Ink, acrylic, pencil and oil stick on paper $475.00
Katherine Wang Daffodils 6ft X 8in Graphite on paper $170
Merrill Weber Dazzle and Delight 31.5in x 25.5in Acrylic, pastel and graphite on gallery-wrapped canvas. $1,400.00
sharon wensel Yellow orchid 26inx30in Watercolor on watercolor [a[er 400
Janet Williams African Violet 11 x 9 oil on canvas $150.00
Nina Yocom Petal Pusher 8 X 10 Alcohol Ink on Paper $300
Nina Yocom Burst 8 X 10 Alcohol Ink and Fineliner Pen on Paper $300
Valerie Yoder Purple Tulips 20WWin x 16HHin Hand drawn from still life in digital drawing program. Printed on Epson Enhanced Matte paper. 250

Art of the Flower 2022, Call for Entries!

The Sketch Club is now accepting entries for Art of the Flower 2022. The entry deadline is midnight on Friday, May 20th at Midnight.

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In Memory of Donald C. Meyer

Don Meyer was a devoted Distinguished Member of the Philadelphia Sketch Club. An accomplished painter, he enthusiastically and tirelessly served the PSC in a myriad of different ways, including serving as Vice President for over 10 years, and acting as Chairman of a host of different exhibitions. A well-known artist in Philadelphia, in 2002 Don was the subject of a one-person exhibition at the Berman Museum on the campus of Ursinus College. In addition, he was the Curator for the exhibition Surviving Ourselves, an exhibition of the contemporary masters of the Philadelphia Sketch Club in the permanent collection of the Woodmere Art Museum. Don passed away suddenly on September 11th, 2012. Fortunately, he left us with a large body of videos and podcasts that can be seen and heard at Through the generosity of his wife, Dianne Meyer, we are able to remember him and honor his legacy with the Donald C. Meyer Medal.

Accepted Works: The 158th Annual Exhibition of Small Oil Paintings

See the Online Gallery: 158th Annual Exhibition of Small Oil Paintings

First Name Last Name Title
Karen Abada Hydrangeas at Dusk
Karen Abada Chicken Fingers and Existential Dread
Mustafa Al Hussein Temporary Peace
Mustafa Al Hussein Internal Landscape
John Attanasio City Hall
sarah baptist CVS
sarah baptist WYA-Where You At?
Edward Bell Three Trees
Edward Bell Fruit Seller
Sally Benton Regal Velvet
Sally Benton Copper Iris in a Glazed Urn
Robert Bohne Marigolds
Raymond Brown Portrait with Bowler
Raymond Brown Portrait Study #12a
Lisa BurgerLentz Bear Mountain
Lisa BurgerLentz City Wine
Wendy Prather Burwell Trumpet Vine
Joseph Cashore Late September
Joseph Cashore Reluctant model , figure study
Larry Chestnut Tomato w/Blue Jar
Larry Chestnut Tomatoes w/Stem
Alice Chung Vacation
Alice Chung winter
Meg Constable Some More Veggies
Meg Constable 8.12.21
Joe Danciger Cabbage
Joe Danciger October Tacos
Cecelia Denegre Entryway
Cecelia Denegre Chair at Window
Joe DeVito Young Kong Attacked
Joe DeVito Doc Savage: The Whistling Wraith
Jeffrey Dion Valley Green 2021
Mary Dolan The Yard
Mary Dolan Fence
Lisa Domenic Truly, Madly, Deeply
Peter Ferris The Landlord
Peter Ferris Jim
Patricia Flaherty Gum Balls
Patricia Flaherty The Blues
Wayne Franks Monets Garden
Tom Furey Apples vs Oranges
Victoria General Stamps
Josh George ‘Causal Determinism’
Josh George ‘Enhancing Life With Like Minded Individuals’
Barbara Glickman Patterned Landscape
Ponder Goembel Hidden Harvest
Nancy Granda Dried Flowers
Nancy Granda Little Golden Suns
Gary Grissom Bending Tree, Morris Park
Gary Grissom Creek, Trees, Leaves, Morris Park
Colleen Hammond I Glanced Outside the Window
Theresa Heidig Rooney Break Out
Theresa Heidig Rooney Going Home
Elizabeth Heller Parking Lot, Krams Ave.
Elizabeth Heller Dahlias and Zinnias
John Holsinger View from the rear window no. 1
Deborah Anne S. Horsting Friday 16 April 2021 Daffodils
Deborah Anne S. Horsting Friday 23 July 2021 Crape Myrtle
Judith McCabe Jarvis Orange Flowers
Judith McCabe Jarvis Gerber Daisiesz
Kay King Woods, Light
Kay King Manganese Light
Maria Kurtzman Far Away
Maria Kurtzman White Ranunculus
Robert Lafond Nevins Near Sackett, Brooklyn
Robert Lafond Monhegan Clothesline
Jessica Libor Manayunk View
Katy Lin Imaginary Landscape
steven lorber SCOTCH LOVER
steven lorber NESHAMINY CREEK
Claire Lynch Misty Morn
Claire Lynch Fall Glow
Ed Marston Tinicum Creek
Ed Marston Afternoon Sun
Maura Matthews Reading Room
Maura Matthews Gingham Girl
Anita McDonnell Spring Beckoning
Anita McDonnell Coming upon New Hope
Dai Morgan Angles, Shapes and Planes
Daria Nawrocki Topsy-turvy
Daria Nawrocki Blue Bells
Sam Olshin Summer Porch
Sam Olshin Bridges
joanMarie Palmer The Dance
joanMarie Palmer Sunset on Lake Pond
Doris Peltzman Peaches
Doris Peltzman Medford Bouquet
Shoshana Pofelis Morven
Shoshana Pofelis Cats Eye
Pete Quaracino ‘One way out’
Pete Quaracino ‘Castles Made of Sand’
John R.C. Dorchester Bovine Sunset
John R.C. Dorchester Portrait of a Cel Phone
Deborah Riccardi Apples
Deborah Riccardi Woods, Green Lane
Heather Rinehart Raytharn Farm
Christian Rodriguez Momentary Fracture
Cindy Ruenes Summer Haze
Cindy Ruenes Plumstead Farm in Spring
Angela Scully Ocean Sun Rise
Angela Scully Golden Moment
Pia St. Onge Herons Quiet
jim stewart Landscape Study 63
jim stewart Landscape Study 64
Lisa Strafford Untitled
Lauren Vargas Belmont Walk
Gay Walling Looking Down
Jason Weaver Try Again
Jason Weaver Dead Leaves
sharon wensel Blue Heron
David Wilson Reliquary
David Wilson Philly Elmo
NASIR YOUNG Missed Calls
David Zeggert Rusty key
David Zeggert Eggs