Election Materials for Annual Meeting: May 9, 2014

On Friday, May 9, 2014, the Philadelphia Sketch Club will hold its Annual Membership Meeting and Elections for Officers and Directors.

The meeting schedule is as follows:
  • 5:15 pm:  Doors open, refreshments
  • 6:15 pm:  Annual membership meeting and elections
  • 7:15 pm:  Dinner
 At the Annual Meeting, all members will be able to vote for all Officers and five non-officer Directors and to answer a ballot question.

Click here to see and print a copy of the sample 2014 PSC Ballot-proxy.

You will receive the official ballot to cast your vote at the meeting itself.  A proxy authorization form is also part of the attached file.
If you are unable to attend the May 9, 2014 meeting, you may appoint someone to act as your proxy and vote on your behalf at the meeting.  You may give another member (who is attending the meeting) either a “directed proxy” or a “general proxy” (see below).
Whether you give another member a directed or a general proxy, you must print out the proxy authorization form, fill it out and sign it, and return the form to the Club Secretary, Christina Valente, at the address below:
Philadelphia Sketch Club
℅ Christina Valente, PSC Club Sec’y
1900 JFK Blvd #2009
Philadelphia, PA  19103
In order for a proxy to be valid under the Philadelphia Sketch Club By-Laws Section 5.6, a proxy must be in writing and filed with the Club Secretary prior to the start of the meeting.  Therefore, if you wish to vote by proxy, it is important that you fill out the proxy authorization form and return it to the above address.
A “directed proxy” means that you tell the member voting on your behalf how you wish to vote.  To do that, you can make an extra copy of the sample ballot, indicate your choices, and give that extra copy to your proxy.   A “general proxy” means that you do not give your proxy instructions on how to vote, but let your proxy decide for you.  Either way, you must still fill out the proxy authorization form designating your proxy and return it to the Club Secretary as indicated above.
If you wish to have the Club Secretary, Christina Valente, act as your proxy at the Annual Meeting, you may do so only if you give the Club Secretary a “directed proxy”.  You may do so by filling out the proxy authorization form and returning it, along with your choices marked on the sample ballot, as directed above.  In the interest of maintaining the strictest impartiality, the Club Secretary will not vote any general proxies and will only directed proxies where the voter’s choices are clearly indicated.
Proxy authorization forms which are properly addressed will not be opened by the Club Secretary until immediately prior to the Annual Meeting.
Should you have any questions, please contact Christina Valente, Club Secretary, at cmvalente@verizon.net.
Christina Valente
Secretary of the Board
Philadelphia Sketch Club