Banner Contest

Alert, Sketch Club Members!
Sketch Club Web Site Front Page Image Contest

The Sketch Club is refreshing the look and feel of its web-site.

PSC Banner

The venerable, well-known Philadelphia Sketch Club banner seen on every page.

With PSC leadership authority, I’ve formed a ad hoc committee to plan and implement web-site changes. Working with sketch club member Cheryl Soltis, our PSC gallery manager, Michelle Lockamy and our summer interns Chelsea Lyons and Erica Richards, we will craft a new look for the site.

Over the next few months you will see changes.  A logical reorganization of the main menu, text revisions and clarifications, more text and visual information and a new banner image.

Now, about that banner.  I’m sure that you’re familiar with the banner on the PSC web-site shown above.  This venerable banner has been the mainstay image of the PSC web-site for years.   However, it’s time for a change.

Winner to be announced at the Sketch Club’s 2016 Gala
October 15, 6:00 – to 10:00 PM

Announcing the “Sketch Club Web-site Headliner Competition”

Here are the Rules:

  1. Send us your idea of a great banner for the PSC’s web-site
  2. It will be judjed by popular vote by PSC membership
  3. The winner will be announced at the Sketch Club’s 2016 Gala
  4. The winning image will become the new web-site banner

Here are the specifications:

  • Deadline: September 31, 2016
  • Subject: appropriate but open to your imagination
  • Format 1000 ppi across, 300 – 400 ppi wide.
  • Resolution: high (300 ppi)
  • File type:  native In Design, Photoshop, etc.