PSC Flash Salon

sketchClubLogo-150x150                                            fs_logo_small We are not accepting applications for Flash Salons at this time.

The Philadelphia Sketch Club (PSC), as part of our artist community outreach program, has started a new exhibition program called the Flash Salon“.

What is a Flash Salon?

Flash Salon is a solo exhibition of very short duration, anywhere from 5 days to 9 days, in our historic main gallery at PSC in Center City, Philadelphia. It is a PSC juried show open to all, but specifically targeting pre-career artists and curators in the Philly area. You could be the next N.C. Wyeth, who had his first exhibition in this same space. A 25% commission will be charged on any sales that take place during the Exhibition. Waiver of fees is considered for selected groups. The exhibition’s setup, any reception, any promotion, and the exhibition’s breakdown, are entirely the responsibility of the artist or curator. We provide only the space, limited email promotion to our patrons, and a sitter for hours during which the exhibition is open. Artists and curators must apply online to PSC for the available slots. All submissions will be juried. The primary standard by which an application is considered is that the resulting Flash Salon will be Artistically Interesting and Stimulating. All other attributes of the Flash Salon are up to the artist or curator producing the exhibition. To minimize cost to the exhibitor, there is no framing required.


  • Any 2D works utilizing any medium including video, dance, sound (not music).
  • Solo artist exhibitions are encouraged
  • Maximum of 2 artists can exhibit jointly in any one Flash Salon session
  • More than 2 artists may only exhibit together as a group if the show is curated and consist of a theme.The theme will then also be considered by our jurors.
  • There is no requirement for framing works to be exhibited. You will need to provide the hanging material for all works.


  • You must submit 10 works to be reviewed. These works must represent what you expect to present in your Flash Salon.
  • Unlimited application submissions per year with fee if you want to be considered more than twice for one year.
  • You will be notified of the jury decision 30 days prior to the start of the specific Flash Salon date.
  • Please upload your images in either JPG, GIF or PNG formats. The image size must be more than 50 KB and less than 10 MB. Please take good photographs of your works.
  • Artist Statements and Resume are required.
  •  No framing is required for works being displayed in the Flash Salon
  • 25% commission will be charged on all sales. Majority of works must be for sale.
  • Application fee:
    • PSC Members: $15
    • Non PSC Members: $30
  • All students of the area major art schools in Philadelphia may ask to waive the $30 application fee. (Penn, Uarts, Moore, Tyler, PAFA, and others). Please contact Faad Ghoraishi (Show Chair) to request a waiver (

GALLERY PHOTOS: You can see the photos of our main gallery HERE.

FLOOR PLAN: The space is 1200 square feet with 7 feet high walls. See the Floor plan HERE.


DATES: You may apply for only one date per application. There is no limit on number of application submissions per year with fee if you want to be considered for more than one slot for one year. Notification will be sent 30 days prior to the start of the Flash Salon.

PSC Flash Salon Dates

Dates Deadline Notification


  • The schedule for the One week salon:
  • Setup Wednesday  11 am – 2 pm
  • Reception can be following Saturday 2-5 PM
  • Tear down is Wednesday 2-5 PM

For inquiries please contact

  • PSC Flash Salon Chair/University Liaison Larry Wood,
  • PSC Exhibition Chair, Michelle Lockamy,

“Flash Salon” is a reserved name used by the Philadelphia Sketch Club