Members Show 2024 Accepted List

Patricia Smith Love Park
Maddy Melvin Seer of Visions
Vincent Docktor Tortoise Divine Gypsy
Wieslawa Langenfeld Colorado
Lauren Sweeney Ode to Georgia O’Keeffe (Reflections of Blue Glass Bowl)
Joe Salgado Etude Metalliques Avec Verser C.21
Emily Van Binsbergen Llansteffan, West Wales
Romy Burkus Morning Jetty
Daniel Neufeld Train To Seward
Larry Chestnut  Prince Albert
Alice Chung Sunflower
Margaret  Montgomery  Petunias
Chloë  Epstein Drowning
Marleen Nadu The pink shed in the garden
Christopher Fowler The Big Red Rock Revisited
Marybeth  Gasman Wild Wood
Josh George “I Drive Real Good and I’m a Great Team Player”
patricia wilson-schmid  
Constance Mininger Lambertville Riverside
Doris Peltzman

Everything’s Coming Up Roses

Doris Peltzman Illusion
Doris Peltzman Tree Peony
Dorothy Roschen What’s Inside the Mountain?
Lori Jacobson Marshall
John Attanasio Knee Deep
Karen  Freeman  Adonis
Judy  Wolinsky Gazebo
Robert Bohne´ Christine
Helena Grady Spring Blooms
Joseph Cashore Figure study, Aila
Lucy Roehm Pink Rhododendrons
Gary Grissom Granddaughter & Grandparents, an American Family
Robert Reinhardt Old Friends #2
Gary Undercuffler Reclining Female On Gray
Sam Olshin Birdwatching
Wayne Cambern Nathan
Pat Wilson-Schmid backwater
Edward Bell It. Mrkt. Winter
Edward Bell Summer’s End
Art Spikol Remember?
Art Spikol Homeless in Rittenhouse Square
Fred Plumley Be Compliant to Your Heart’s Request 
Gail Kotel Russian Blood
John Deitz Deep Neshaminy,Winter
T.  Kohlmann Relief
Tracey Landmann Renovation
Deborah  Riccardi  MOM, Haiti


Art of the Flower 2024 Awards List

Best of Show: Cyclamen by Kay King

2nd Overall: Spring Bouquet by Maria Kurtzman

3rd Overall: Peonies with Vase by Sari Fogel

Best Landscape: Home and Garden by Maura Matthews

Best Still Life: Porcellane di Capodimonte by Larry Chestnut

Best Photo: White Iris by Robert Porter

Honorable Mention: Night Bloomers by Yulan San

Honorable Mention: Summer Nights Rain by Kelly Liedtke

Honorable Mention: Oil Study 401 by Jim Stewart