Art of the Flower- Accepted Pieces 2023

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First Name Last Name Title
Marlene Adler Nature’s Individually
Violet Alexandre Connection 3
Mania Arabatlian White Hydrangea
Tina Armando Hill Violets
Carol Ashton-Hergenhan Leopard Plant
John Attanasio Maryanne’s Garden
Barbara Backman Morning Sun
Kristen Baker Watching the Sunrise
Patrick Bechtel Coming Down
Frank Burd merry-go-round
Anthony Casasanto Iris At The Red Gate
Melvin Chappell Magnolias in the Park
Melvin Chappell Magnolia
Larry Chestnut StillLife W/ Green Vase
Alice Chung African Violet
Kara Coleman Tulips Inside a Vase
Suzanne Comer Transcendental
Edna Davis Art Floral 4
Edna Davis Art Floral 9
Laurie DeMatteo Pink Peonies
Laurie DeMatteo Desk with Flowers
Cecelia Denegre Beachside Native Plant
Antoaneta Denkin Helleborus
Barbara Dirnbach Bouquet #2
Rose Drew Dahlia Drama
Janine Dunn Wade Matsumoto Asters
Janine Dunn Wade Spring Blossoms
Gail Ferretti Composition 7053.3
lisarose ferri sweet franklinia blossom
lisarose ferri warm summer hydrangea
M. Lisa Ford Six Roses Blanches
Christopher Fowler Snow Money
Christopher Fowler Just Down the Street
Anne Gannon Poppy Wave
Janet Geissler Dahlia Delight
Andrew Gomsi Floral II
Debra Campbell Goodyear Luscious Magnolia
Laurel Grady Aerial Bouquet
Nancy Granda Snowdrops
Nancy Granda Early Snowdrops
Amy Grant Yellow Flowers in a Flute
Sunjeon Grissom Spring Is Coming
Elizabeth Heller Still Life with Red Carnations
Elizabeth Heller Still Life with August Flowers
mary hochendoner Beach Spider Lily (for Dominique)
Deborah Anne S. Horsting Sunday 14 July 2019 ‘Daylilies’
Deborah Anne S. Horsting Adventures in My Gardens Friday 14 May 2022 ‘Peonies Buds #2’
TingTing Hsu In Bloom
TingTing Hsu A corner of garden
Maggie Kincade Midnight Magnolia
Kay King Meadow III, Full Bloom
Kay King Windowsill in Winter
Mary Klunk Arrangement by an Open Window
Mary Klunk Klunk_Mary_Entry#1
Mark Krull Four Flowers
Maria Kurtzman Mums in Pewter Jug
Maria Kurtzman Orange Gerbera Daisies
Kelly Liedtke Bumble Buzz
Katy Lin The Purple flower
Jennifer Loyle Canterbury Bells in glass vase
Gregory Maier Flower Alchemy
Deborah Moss Marris A Far Cry
Diane Martin Magnolia
Maura Matthews Lucretia’s Garden
Erika Matyok Blue Birds and Tulips
Anita McDonnell February Flowers
maureen mcmasters Daisies breaking barriers
Gail Wood Miller A Nasturtium
Nancy Miller Peonies, Loosely
Nancy Miller Vase with Nasturtiums
Margaret Montgomery Daffodils in a Green Vase II
Daria Nawrocki Passiflora respite
Daniel Neufeld Blooming Glory
Selene Nunez-Cruz Mountain Landscape
Doris Peltzman Illusion
Doris Peltzman Chinese Vase With Wildflowers
Elvira Peretsman Kissed By The Sun
Deborah Pey Summer’s Delight
Robert Porter Purple Irises
Robert Reinhardt Signs of Spring
Lesa Reisman Garden and Glove
David Rodstein Yellow Roses from Portland OR Rose Garden
Denise Romano Bright Night Blooming Cereus
Elynne Rosenfeld Invasive Beauty 2
Elynne Rosenfeld Invasive Beauty 12
Marisa Rother Sunflower Still Life
Susan Rothschild Sunken Treasure
Cindy Ruenes Ranunculus From Blooming Glen Farm Oil on Canvas 10’x10′ $250.00 Spring 2022 Y
Angela Scully Tulupio
Patricia Smith Garden Dahlia
Susan Smith BLUE POPPY
Edward Snyder Roses On Your Grave
Olivia Snyder Eastern Tiger Swallowtail on Delphinium
Martha Sperling Zinnias in Lustreware
Pia St. Onge Hovering Essence
Rose Marie Strippoli Wild
Christopher Swain Geranium
Lauren Sweeney Amaryllis in Bloom
Marjorie Taylor Water Garden
Barbara C Tracy Shine On
Lynn Waelde Jacaranda Remains
Lynn Waelde Lily Awaiting
Laila Wah Petals Fall As New Snow
Joan Wheeler Standout
Janet Williams Christmas Cactus in the Window
Janet Williams Longwood Gardens
Nina Yocom White Lotus
Ewa Zeller Tulips in Vase

Call for Entries! Art of the Flower 2023

The Sketch Club is now accepting entries for Art of the Flower 2023. The entry deadline is Friday, March 10th at Midnight.

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In Memory of Donald C. Meyer

Don Meyer was a devoted Distinguished Member of the Philadelphia Sketch Club. An accomplished painter, he enthusiastically and tirelessly served the PSC in a myriad of different ways, including serving as Vice President for over 10 years, and acting as Chairman of a host of different exhibitions. A well-known artist in Philadelphia, in 2002 Don was the subject of a one-person exhibition at the Berman Museum on the campus of Ursinus College. In addition, he was the Curator for the exhibition Surviving Ourselves, an exhibition of the contemporary masters of the Philadelphia Sketch Club in the permanent collection of the Woodmere Art Museum. Don passed away suddenly on September 11th, 2012. Fortunately, he left us with a large body of videos and podcasts that can be seen and heard at Through the generosity of his wife, Dianne Meyer, we are able to remember him and honor his legacy with the Donald C. Meyer Medal.