The Sketch Club is primarily a volunteer organization, where our members can make a difference in Philadelphia’s art community. Volunteers enable our shows to be hung, our galleries to stay open on weekends, and our receptions to run smoothly.

There are a variety of activities to choose from, and most volunteer positions require little experience to start. Questions? Reach out to us at info@sketchclub.org.

To sign up, enter your name and contact information in our Google Sheet:

2020 Volunteer Schedule

In addition to volunteering for the gallery, you can also join the following teams to work on many different Sketch Club activities. You can request to be part of any of these committees as a PSC member. Please contact the chair of each committee for more information.

Archive Committee
Manages our large archive collection
Bill Patterson, Archivist | bpatterson2045@comcast.net

Development Committee
Manages donors, donations, and annual galas to benefit the PSC
Bill Patterson, Treasurer | bpatterson2045@comcast.net

Entertainment Committee
Manages dinner talks, facility rental, and other events
Chair is OPEN! Reach out to us about this position.

Exhibition Committee
Coordinates PSC exhibitions
Kaylie Minzola, Exhibition Coordinator | exhibitions@sketchclub.org

Garden Committee
Manages changes and arrangement in the garden
Jacqueline Barnett, Garden Chair | jbarnett12@verizon.net

IT Committee
Manages IT, Web and databases
Ken Weiner, IT Chair | note2kenweiner@verizon.net

House Committee
Handles the historic clubhouse’s maintenance
Charles Tarr, House Chair | charlesftarr@comcast.net

Membership Committee
Manages membership and handles member benefits issues
Ken Weiner, Membership Chair | note2kenweiner@verizon.net

Publicity Committee
Manages show and events publicity
Chuck Hilpl, Publicity Chair | oilpaintings@chuckhilpl.com

Volunteer Committee
Arranges and manages volunteers
Jacqueline Barnett, Volunteer Committee Chair | jbarnett12@verizon.net

Workshops Committee
Organizes and runs weekly workshops and classes
Tiger Jaser, Workshops Committee Chair | workshops@sketchclub.org