Portfolio Submission Specifications

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Send your content to portfolio@sketchclub.org.

The Sketch Club is happy to share your news with other PSC members in our monthly Portfolio Newsletter. Some items that our members share are:

  • Upcoming member exhibitions
  • Member awards and achievements
  • Call for entries in local galleries
  • Images of your work that you would like to share.

Copy Submission Specifications

When submitting content for Portfolio, it is important that you provide complete, proofread information. You should include essential details in your submission like who, what, when and where. The content should be clearly written, and reviewed so that we can post it “as is”. Provide clear, edited plain text copy with the necessary addresses, contact info, image titles, etc. Submission are limited to a maximum of one page.  That could include up to 4 images (sized to fit) and a small amount of copy.

We try our best to catch spelling errors, test hyperlinks, and ensure that your information is complete. To see samples of submissions, you can review the Portfolio Archives at: https://sketchclub.org/portfolio-archive/

Photographic File Specifications

  • File types: .jpg .png .gif, tiff
  • File size: 50 kb to 5 mb
  • Minimum image width: 500 px
  • Resolution: 72 – 250 PPI – 150 works well.  Good resolution and fast loading.

Banner Art

The Sketch Club also accepts banner art submissions. This is a wonderful way to showcase your work to other PSC members. Submit your work as a high quality JPG file at dimensions of 7.5″ wide x 4″ high; 300 pixels per inch (ppi) resolution. 

Download a PSD template for the banner:
 Portfolio Banner  Photoshop Template
This psd image file is 7.5″ wide x 4 high with a resolution of 300 ppi.

Send your submissions to portfolio@sketchclub.org. The submission deadline is one week before the end of the month preceding the publication date.

Check previous editions of Portfolio for examples in our Portfolio Archive.

Thanks to PSC member volunteer Ken Weiner, PSC Portfolio Editor, for his ongoing support of Sketch Club technology and communications.