Art of the Flower 2022 Accepted

first_name last_name title dimensions material price
Tina Armando Pink Lady at Sunset 8×10 inches Ink on Paper (Woodcut Monoprint) $250
Sherman Aronson Flowers Vase Fallbrook 9.5in x 7.25in Digital Print on Glass Panel $175.00
Sherman Aronson Geranium Flower 14in x 18in Digital print paper 8×11 $200.00
David Berger One Iris 10×12 in. oil on canvas $300
Louis Boyang Petals in The Breeze 24inx28in Quill Pen and Ink $2,500
Jordan Brady ‘David’ 10×11 Sterling silver, 14k Gold, Copper, Shibuichi $850.00
Ed Bronstein Still Life With Pear ww+ 8 1/2in and HH= 10 1/2 oil on panel 300
Ed Bronstein Still Life With Orange ww=12ftft and HH= 9in oil on Panel 370
Lisa BurgerLentz Haven for Bees 10inx10in Oil $400
Maryanne Buschini Franklinia 25 x 25 oil on canvas 2000
Ellen Carver A Flower is a Flower is a Flower 36in x 36in Handmade Paper, Acrylic Paint on Canvas $1,000
Larry Chestnut Mums At The Garden Shop 38×26 oil on canvas $875.00
Larry Chestnut FloweredVase 20×24 oil on canvas $400.00
Alice Chung Iris 13×13 Acrylic $400
Kara Coleman White Spring 9in x 9in Framed oil on canvas panel $275
Jim Conner Spring Bloom 24 x 18 Archival Pigment Print $960
Barbara Dirnbach Bouquet #3 18 X 24 Acrylic on canvas $450
Lisa Domenic Pink 9 X 12 Watercolor $250
Lisa Domenic Branch and Bloom 9 X 12 Watercolor $250
Michael Donovan From Concrete 21×17 Giclee print on Platine Rag paper framed by artist using conservation grade materials. $500
Michael Donovan From Concrete 21×17 Giclee print on Photographique matte paper framed by artist using conservation grade materials. $800
Laura Ducceschi Foxglove 18 x 24 fine art photography, archival print $595.00
Laura Ducceschi Passion Flowers Floating 24 x 18 fine art photography archival print $595.00
Brittany Duguay chrysanthemum 23in x 16in framed oil on gessoed paper $1,200
Brittany Duguay hydrangea nikko blue 36in x 36in oil on canvas $7,000
Janine Dunn Wade Alstroemerias 10×10 Oil on Linen on Board $800.00
Janine Dunn Wade Persimmon 10×10 Oil on linen on Board $925.00
Renee Egan Moving into Spring 26inX20in oil on canvas $1,200.00
Renee Egan Hibiscus Glory 24inX12in oil on box canvas $800.00
diane emerson Spring Gathering 20in X16in Epson Ultra Premium archival paper $200
diane emerson Dancing Above the Crowd 18in X 18in Epson Ultra Premium archival paper $190
Liz Finley White Roses 20 x 20” Wrapped canvas 800
Liz Finley Two Coral Roses 20 x 20 Oil on wrapped canvas 800
Patricia Flaherty Loving You Was Res 12×15 Oil on canvas $250
Christopher Fowler From the Lanai 16in W x 21in H (including frame) archival inks and paper $159.00
Christopher Fowler Rhododendron 14in W x 17in H (including frame) archival inks and paper $149.00
Joanne Funkhouser Peony garden 8 x 10 in Oil on aluminum $75
Annarita Gentile Dahlia #3 26inX22in Photography: digital $600.00
Annarita Gentile Secret Garden 37inx26in Photography:digital $800.00
Caroline Goodman For Love of Fruit and Flowers 18”x 22” Oil on board $2,500
Caroline Goodman Time Marches On 18”x22” Oil on Panel $4,000
Laurel Grady Violets and the City 8in wide x 10in high oil on canvas $250
Laurel Grady Rose in the Dining Car 8in wide x 10in high oil on canvas $250
Carla Graifer Queen Lime Orange Zinnia 16inx20in Watercolor on cold pressed paper $450
Gary Grissom Mugunghwa, Palumbo Park 24 oil on wood $500
Gary Grissom Sunjeon, Windowsill Flowers 36in x 18in oil on panel $700
Patricia Gunter Iris Indepth 18in x 24in Digital photographic print $300
Patricia Gunter Hybrid Tulip 18in x 24in Digital photographic print $300
Denise Haag IRIS 30in x 40in Acrylic paint, palette knife, canvas 950
Jennifer Hallgren Allium at Longwood Gardens III 40in X 30in Oil on canvas $3,000.00
Jennifer Hallgren Bouquet XXVIII 30in X 30in Oil on canvas $2,700.00
Lisa Hannum Tiger Lilies 18inx24in Watercolor and Gouache $500.00
Lisa Hannum Nasturtiums 18inx24in Watercolor and Gouache $500.00
mary hochendoner Hot House (Hibiscus El Capitolio) 31.5 x 41.5 oil oncanvas $3,000
David Hucker Resting 20 x 20 Framed, Matted Glossy Photo $280
David Hucker Greeting the Spring 22 x 22 Framed, Matted Glossy Photo $320
Judith McCabe Jarvis Ode to Ukraine (Sundlower) 20 by 30 Oil $2,400.00
Judith McCabe Jarvis Wildflowers 20×16   $775.00
Rita Klinger Nocturne 13.5in x 10.5in Monotype $150.00
Mary Klunk Giverny Visited 12in x 16in Acrylic $650.00
Mary Klunk Interior Spring 12in x 9in Acrylic $500.00
Tom Kohlmann garden greens 22 x 28 oil on board 600$
Tom Kohlmann yuki’s roses 11 x 14 oil on board 3,000$
LIDIA KOHUTIAK Anemonies #2 11 x 14 oil on canvas $785.00
Mark Krull Poway Hummingbird 5 x 7 Digital photography with matte $200
Maria Kurtzman Purple and Green 6in X 8in oil on board $600
Maria Kurtzman Strawflowers in Glass 10in X 10in oil on board $1,000
Jessica Libor Spring Magnolias 10in x `12in oil on canvas $375
Joseph Marano For Mae 22x26x3 Photographic Print $850.00
Barbara Martin By the Kitchen Door 16in X 20in Acrylic and watercolor on paper $300
Diane Martin Lotus 1 24X36 Chinese ink and color on rice paper $550.00
Diane Martin Lotus 2 24X36 Chinese ink and color on rice paper $550.00
Anita McDonnell Sunlight on the Game Table 16×20 Oil on canvas $475
Anita McDonnell Leaning into Sunshine 20×16 Oil on canvas $475
Rodney Miller Foggy Morning Light 20ftW X 24ftH Digital Photograph on cold press paper $200.00
Rodney Miller Bathing in Radiance 20Win X 24in Digital Photograph on cold press paper $200.00
Joyce Millman Geraniums Plus 8inx8in oil on Panel $500
Gary Mulnix Lily of the Valley 5 x 8in bronze $990
Gary Mulnix Buffalo Bur 9 x 7in bronze $1,140
Sarah Watkins Nathan Yesterday 11×14 Photography, 2021 $100
Daria Nawrocki Golden Beauty 24inX18in oil on canvas $750
Daria Nawrocki Sweet Lily 12×12 oil on canvas $300
Joseph Opshinsky Flower Bed Cat 18×24 Cut Paper Collage $850
Doris Peltzman No Boundries 20 inches by 26 inches Oils on yupo $1,500.00
Doris Peltzman To Life 40 inches by 40 inches Oils on shellached birch $2,000.00
Elvira Peretsman Burst Of Sunshine 25×19 Framed Photograph printed on Luster paper $200
Robert Porter Wisteria 12in x 18in photograph, digital print $150
Sabine Rehm Bigleaf Magnolia 33inx18in Oil on canvas $600.00
Sabine Rehm Hydrangea Blue Bunny 27inx19in Photography $150.00
Robert Reinhardt Exotic Blooms 10in x 10in x1.5in Mono-print Collage 350
Sergio Resendiz Flowers on table. 8×10 Oil on Gessobord $360
Deborah Riccardi Roses in Pale Blue Vase 22inx28in oil on canvas 750
Cindy Ruenes Misty Floral 12inx12in Oil on Linen Panel $250.00
Cindy Ruenes Roses and Hydrangeas 17inx17in Oil on Canvas $525.00
Rona Satten Winter’s Way 16×12 ink on etched zinc $2,200
Rona Satten Another Way 12×10 ink on etched zinc, hardware $850
Kristal Serna Sunflowers 20in x 16in Watercolor on Paper $250
DJ Siravo Good Morning Sunshine 14 x 11 Photography $200.00
Patricia Smith Indian Lotus 16 x 20 Lustre photographic Print $300
Keith Spaar Santa Barbara Lily HH 12in x WW 12in Acrylic on Canvas $300
Keith Spaar Hydrangea Finger Painting HH 24in x WW 24in Acrylic on wood $750
Pia St. Onge Sera I 16 x 9 inches Ink on Paper $125
Pia St. Onge Leila IV 11 x 14 inches Ink on paper $215
Rose Marie Strippoli Brilliant HH 23 x WW 29 Acrylic $1,100.00
Elissa Sunshine Spring Bouquet 42 X 29 Charcoal on Paper $2,000.00
Elissa Sunshine Lost Bouquet 42 X 29 Charcoal on Paper $2,500.00
Christine Walinski Blooming on Dark Days 24in X 32in Acrylic, pencil and oil stick on paper $500.00
Christine Walinski The Last Poppy 16in X 12.5in Ink, acrylic, pencil and oil stick on paper $475.00
Katherine Wang Daffodils 6ft X 8in Graphite on paper $170
Merrill Weber Dazzle and Delight 31.5in x 25.5in Acrylic, pastel and graphite on gallery-wrapped canvas. $1,400.00
sharon wensel Yellow orchid 26inx30in Watercolor on watercolor [a[er 400
Janet Williams African Violet 11 x 9 oil on canvas $150.00
Nina Yocom Petal Pusher 8 X 10 Alcohol Ink on Paper $300
Nina Yocom Burst 8 X 10 Alcohol Ink and Fineliner Pen on Paper $300
Valerie Yoder Purple Tulips 20WWin x 16HHin Hand drawn from still life in digital drawing program. Printed on Epson Enhanced Matte paper. 250