Art of the Flower 2024: Accepted List

Joyce Andersen Sunset Bouquet
Joyce Andersen Make a Wish
Amy Bash Cone Flowers
Amy Bash Perfect Pink Peony
Susan Benigni-Landis Roses Await
Susan Benigni-Landis Saving Sunflowers
micah beree Untitled #35 (Anemone)
micah beree Untitled #39 (Stargazer Lilly)
Martin Bernard Bernstein Flower
Ronnie Bookbinder Moonlight Sonata
Ronnie Bookbinder French Breakfast
Mary Buckelew Time to Put on Your Dancing Slippers
Wayne Cambern Still Life with Teapot
Damini Celebre Ephemerals:: Mayapple
Melvin Chappell City Hall Flowers
Melvin Chappell Chinese Lantern Festival
Alice Chung Iris
Lydia Congiu A Bouquet Of Roses
Dan Cook (Tears for a) Lost Spring
Edna Davis artistic longwood2
Barbara Dirnbach Illusion #1
Barbara Dirnbach Garden View #1
Rose Drew ‘Grow More Echinacea!’
Rose Drew ‘Lovely Tulip’
Christopher Fowler Woodland Hyacinths
Marybeth Gasman Candy Decay
Don Gauger Tulips Quadriptych
Janet Geissler Pink Orchids
Laurel Grady Cherry Blossoms on the Parkway
Patricia Gunter [Back of] White Amaryllis
Elizabeth Heller Winter Roses
Valerie Lang Beyond the Darkness
Wieslawa Langenfeld chrysanthemums and lemons
Rebecca Lewis Flowerus Eruptus
Kelly Liedtke Cosmo’s House of Light
Kelly Liedtke Summer Nights Rain
Diane Martin Summer Bouquet
Diane Martin Narcissus
Lisa Matera Fly Toward a Secret Sky
Maura Matthews Home and Garden
Missy Maxwell Yellow Tulips
maureen mcmasters The spirit
Constance Mininger Flowers in the Field
Amanda Moseley Seasonal Local Bouquet
Suzanne OConnor Late Summer Bouquet
Sabine Rehm Azaleas at Jenkins Arboretum
Sabine Rehm Columbines
David Rodstein Bed of Latana
David Rodstein Impatiens Surrounding Fire Hydrant
Denise Romano Bright Tulips
Gail Salzman Flowers in a Bowl
Laurie Santoro Efflorescence
Emi Shigeno Vegetable Garden Before Frost
Sarah Silverman Pucci Perle Hops
Patricia Smith Fall Garden
Patricia Smith My Favorite Flowers
Lauren Sweeney Butterfly in a Plum Tree
Christopher Swisher Rhododendron Flammeum
Christopher Swisher Rhododendron Austrinium
Dean Thomas Red Winged Blackbird/Tiger Lilies
Gary Undercuffler Rose Line
Emily Van Binsbergen Dandelions
sharon wensel Porch Garden
Joan Wheeler Pollinators
Janet Williams Flowers in Vase
Janet Williams Longwood Gardens
Mark Willie Still Life Flowers 2
Nina Yocom Radiance
Sally Benton Sweetheart Roses
Sally Benton Hellebores and Narcissi
Martin Bernard Bernstein Tapestry
Myhanh Bosse Spring Has Sprung
Louis Brandsdorfer Daffodils, vase, tablecloth
SIVIA BRAUNSTEIN Glads in the garden
SIVIA BRAUNSTEIN Red Lilies in my garden
andree brown Spring Flowers from the Botanical Garden
Suzanne Comer Expanded Abundance
Lindsay Florence Get Well Soon
Sari Fogel Peonies with Vase
Sari Fogel Today’s Peonies
Marybeth Gasman Glow
Don Gauger Then the Music Began Playing
Janet Geissler Cherry Blossoms
Patricia Gunter Butterfly Milkweed
David Hucker Queen of the Pond
David Hucker Bartram’s Rescue
Robert Lipartito White Roses
Anita McDonnell Monday Daffodils
Claudia McGill Springtime Flowers
Constance Mininger Flowers on windowsill
Amanda Moseley Carrot Flower and Ivy
Deborah Moss Marris JUNE
Robert Porter White Iris
Robert Porter Wisteria
Yulan San Flowers and Leaves…after Sadhya
Laurie Santoro Water and Rose
Emi Shigeno Japanese Hydragea
Sarah Silverman Pucci Yellow Tulip
Bella Wattles Tulips in the Window
sharon wensel Chanticleer
Joan Wheeler Spring
Mark Willie Still Life Flowers 1
Nina Yocom Adorn
Larry Chestnut Porcellane_di_Capodimonte
Kay King Last Blooms
Megan Lawlor Dogwood Blossom
Megan Lawlor Potted Summer Flowers
Missy Maxwell Supermarket Bouquet
Gary Mulnix Snapdragons
Yulan San Night Bloomers
jim stewart Oil Study 401
Kay King Cyclamen
Maria Kurtzman Spring Bouquet
Maria Kurtzman The Herb Garden