Works Under $250 Exhibition Accepted List

Our first annual Works Under $250 Exhibition opens with a reception on Sunday, November 19th! 

The show closes on Sunday, December 31st. There will not be a closing reception.

Accepted works are listed below:

Karoline Adler JUNE
Karoline Adler JULY
Karoline Adler AUGUST
John Attanasio Sunset
John Attanasio Morning on the Parkway
Patrick Bechtel Here Comes the Sun
Edward Bell Moss
Edward Bell Elke’s Tulips
David Berger Small White Pumpkin and Gourds
Martin Bernard Bernstein Cafe in Rome
Martin Bernard Bernstein In the Fountain
Martin Bernard Bernstein Memorial Hall
Robert Bohne Construction from Lombard
Robert Bohne Plant Entrance
Robert Bohne Wave Watching
Wayne Cambern Workshop Model
Wayne Cambern Still Life
Paul Campbell Shrouded
Paul Campbell Billy Penn Looks On
Paul Campbell Balance
Joseph Cashore Leoh
Joseph Cashore Head of a Woman
Kara Coleman View to the West
Edna Davis Beauty
Edna Davis wreath
Barbara Dirnbach Playing Ball #2
Barbara Dirnbach Playing Ball #1
Mary Dolan Kingston bridge
Mary Dolan Stairway
Mary Dolan Carversville
Helayne Drell Boo
Deborah Eater Downdraft
Deborah Eater Breath of Spring
Deborah Eater The Rustle of Leaves
Chloe Epstein Bleed (1)
Christopher Fowler The Big Red Rock
Christopher Fowler Early One Morning
Christopher Fowler The 21st Street Rock Garden
Karen Freeman Portrait 1
Rick Freeman Hamsa
Karen Freeman Portrait 2
Rick Freeman Gold Burst
Paul Fuentes Something’s Out There
Paul Fuentes Pacific Beach Pier
Paul Fuentes Dude
Barbara Glickman Flowers just had a visitor
Barbara Glickman What’s Floating in the Pond?
Richard Harrington Sixty Three Chevy
Richard Harrington No Parking On Ramp
Linda Hollinger Repairing Old Oil Lamp
Shomari Hughes Moses
lori jacobson Looking Forward
Deborah Jones Summer day
Deborah Jones Tomato
Wieslawa Langenfeld Summer
Lois LeBlanc ‘Maria’
Gregory Maier The Snake and the Moon
Plato Marinakos Bethany
Diane Martin Autumn Beauty
Diane Martin Ju
Diane Martin White Chrysanthemum
Allyn Miner Wellfleet Bay
Margaret Montgomery See Through, Lemon & Lime in a Jar.
Margaret Montgomery Reflections: Ornaments from Last Christmas
Lee Muslin Late Friday Night
Lee Muslin Early Monday Morning
Marleen Nadu Icy Path Among Leafless Trees
Suzanne OConnor Renaissance Man, Baseball cap
Doris Peltzman Geisha 2
Doris Peltzman Geisha 3
Tyler Pusey I think I’ll try my luck in Easton
Tyler Pusey lottery scratch-off sketch #16
Linda Quirk Pathways
Birgit Raders-Eichinger Gold Series #3
Birgit Raders-Eichinger A Light for My Path
Birgit Raders-Eichinger Transition
Robert Reinhardt Storm on the Horizon
Deborah Riccardi Tyler State Park
Deborah Riccardi Sunflowers
Deborah Riccardi Apples
RUSSELL RISKO Nothing Goes My Way
RUSSELL RISKO River Beyond The Pines
RUSSELL RISKO Looking Up / Patientia
Linda   K Robinson Maurice River
Linda   K Robinson Pennsylvania farm view
Lucy Roehm Goldenrods on Assateague
Lucy Roehm Side Yard Irises
Gloria Rohlfs Resistance Rising 
Gloria Rohlfs Flash
Gloria Rohlfs Swirl 
Judith Rosenbaum Red Rhyme
Judith Rosenbaum Conflict
Joellyn Ross Cosmos
Joellyn Ross Temple
Joellyn Ross Guarded Outlook
Joe Salgado Tri-color meditation C.20
Joe Salgado Elemental # 1 C. 20
Joe Salgado Etude: profondeur C. 22
rickie sanders No Match for Philadelphia
rickie sanders In Solitude
rickie sanders Paris On My Mind
Roberta Schlesinger Winter
Roberta Schlesinger Calm Waters
Roberta Schlesinger Peony
Patricia Smith Flower 1
Patricia Smith Sunset In Chile
Patricia Smith Fountain
Annie Stone Toucan, Sitting Pretty
Annie Stone Toucan, Sitting Pretty II
Gary Undercuffler Seated Male – Elbow on Knee
Gary Undercuffler Reclining Female
Rachel Van Wylen Venezia
Rachel Van Wylen Riomaggiore
Layla Wah Fireflies in the Bamboo Grove
Layla Wah Angels On My House – Les Anges Sur Ma Maison
Laelia Watt Guianan Cock of the Rock
Jason Weaver Trois Crayon
Jason Weaver Lace Choker
Jake Weiss Long Truck
Jake Weiss External Barriers
Anne Weiss Peach Gladiolas
Signe Wilkinson Dog
Mark Willie Untitled Collage 1
Mark Willie Untitled Collage 3
Mark Willie Untitled Collage 2
Jillian Wray Recycled Mixed Media Textile Piece
David Zeggert Grapefruit Slice